If you’re an attorney with cases involving construction defects, building codes, slips and falls and standards of care issues, you need a litigation consultant and expert witness who will help you make the best possible case for your side, whether you’re prosecuting or defending.

John Rohosky AIA, architect and contractor, is an expert witness and litigation consultant with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of all aspects of construction and building codes and design.

With his more than 30 years designing and building a broad array of residential and commercial projects, John provides complete case support to attorneys and property owners.

While most cases are straightforward, some stand out, such as these that John worked on.


PEEPHOLE (privacy issue)

A maintenance person drilled a peephole from the hallway janitor’s closet into an adjoining bathroom in one of the residential units in an apartment building, so that when the door of the medicine cabinet was shut it was not noticeable to the victim, but the person in the bathroom was visible through the peephole from the waist to the shoulder. More



(Is it, or not, a monumental staircase, architecturally speaking?)

In the 1960s, monumental stairs did not require handrails. This case involved a fall down an exterior stair at a suburban bank built in the 60s and renovated to be ADA compliant. The bank claimed their stair was “monumental,” and therefore did not need to comply with building codes. More